Janis Bucher

I am a freelance society photographer that started working in Boca Raton, FL over 20 years ago. I know the "Who's Who" of the society world in Palm Beach County. The Sun-Sentinel, Palm Beach Post and the other local newspapers, usually publishes my photos every week in their Society Sections.

Every month my name is listed in the table of contents (or the "Masthead") of the following magazines: Ocean Drive Magazine, The Boca Raton Observer, Art of the Times,, Simply the Best, Palm Beach Illustrated, Boca Raton Magazine etc..

My specialty is to take photos at charity events, private and corporate parties, restaurant openings, as well as working closely with the my contacts at local magazines and newspapers from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach. Contact me at: 561-395-9333 to book your event.


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